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Zombie Hunters Online is an epic game of survival and teamwork. In this game, you must work together with other players from around the world and try to survive against waves of zombies. You must arm yourself with a variety of weapons that are scattered around the map.

Aside from weapons, you can also pick up power-ups that can give you a combat bonus. Try and work with your fellow teammates and help them out if they get stuck in a sticky situation. The zombies come in different shapes and sizes so watch out! The 2D graphics are retro, but the gameplay is so much fun. Can you become a pro-zombie-hunter?

Release Date

February 2014 (Flash). December 2018 (HTML5). This game is also known as Zombie Hunters Arena.


This game is made by Vasiliy Kostin, who also made another game called Handless Millionaire.


  • 2D top-down multiplayer shooter game
  • Polished and clean graphics
  • Various weapons and power-ups in the area
  • Many zombies with a different strength


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android

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